Walking the Herriot Way Companion Website

This website has been designed to complement and support the Herriot Way guidebook “Walking the Herriot Way” by Stuart W. Greig. These pages provide a host of supplementary information that is just not possible to store and maintain in a printed guidebook, but is nevertheless very important to anyone considering walking the Herriot Way.

If you’ve used the book and found it useful, please post a comment below and let others know what you thought of it.


  1. Karl

    Hope you don’t mind Stuart, but I’ve put the GPS routes up onto http://www.outdoorsgps.com as downloadable routes for their apps. We’re doing the walk the week after next and it seemed to be the easiest way of getting the route onto my phone.

    Great book, by the way!

    1. Stuart

      Thanks Karl, that’s fine – is there a link from there, back to this site?

  2. Bob dixon

    Hi Stuart
    I bought your book last year but have still to do the walk.I was interested in what you say about IPads as I have now bought the mini.Do I need to purchase something else off you to put it on the iPad .Also I was thinking about using it as a GPS I believe you can buy the attachment from companies like Bad Elf then download a mapping programme.Not that I would have a clue how to do it.

    1. admin


      The PDF files that I sent will work on an iPad or any other mobile device. You need to look at the relevant instructions manual / Google it to find out how to load them on to it.

      The device will probably also provide GPS functionality, but like you said you will need a third party app to view maps on. Something like ViewRanger or RouteBuddy will do this for you. Both these products have iOS apps that will work on iPad / iPhone etc.

      Hope that helps

  3. Noel Thomas

    This book gave me the confidence to do my first multi day walk, it was so detailed i did’nt use
    my maps at all. Just bought the second book By Stuart The Tributaries Walk, hoping to do it in October.

  4. Chris

    This book is fantastic and is a’ must have’ for this walk. The book was so easy to follow, keeping us on the right path. While I have no doubt we would have got between the four main points, your book took us along some paths that I don’t think we would have found. At times it felt you were the 5th member of our team!
    For anyone thinking of doing the Herriot way – take this book!
    Many thanks, Chris

  5. Martha Higgins

    Stuart, your book is just fabulous!
    I found it so detailed and with the maps I always felt confident and safe on the Herriot way, especially around those grouse butts where it can be really hard to see any path. I look forward to using it again another time.
    Well done.

  6. Emma

    We found the route description in particular really accurate, detailed and helpful. It would be really hard to get lost with it! The narrative also had some really interesting information about the area we were walking through.

  7. Maren

    I have to pay you a big compliment for your nice book. There’s a lot of work standing behind it and it shows from every page how much you care about the Herriot Way.

  8. Gerard

    Your book is so incredibly detailed, down to the last blade of grass and yet with the maps, you get a complete overview of the walk and only need to look at the text intermittently.

  9. Susan

    I wanted to say how good we found the book – it really is excellent. The accompanying maps are great and ensured we found our way through the grouse butts on Greets Hill! I cannot speak highly enough of your book. The narrative was excellent with many hidden gems of ‘inside information’. The attention to detail made it an invaluable guide

    Thank you!

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