Appersett Path Diversion

A recent walker along the Herriot Way has kindly informed me that the road bridge at Appersett is currently closed, even to foot traffic. Google suggests that this could remain closed until the end of November 2023, and possibly beyond.

If you reach this point and have to turn around, it means a two-mile diversion back through Hawes and Hardraw. However, if you are forewarned, the diversion isn’t too onerous.

The map below shows the path of the Herriot Way in red, with a large X showing the bridge closure.

To avoid the bridge, retrace your steps out of Hawes, following the yellow path on the map, back to Hardraw and then along the Pennine Way path, up the walled lane to rejoin the Herriot Way at Bluebell Hill.

To check if the closure has been lifted, follow this link to Google Maps. The traffic overlay should show whether the road is still closed.