The Book

Third edition cover - fullPrinted Guide Book – 3rd Edition

The guide book has 126 pages, weighs approx. 120g and is 18cm high and 11cm wide, perfect for fitting into a jacket pocket, or the side pocket of a pair of trousers. The walk is described in a clockwise direction, as this is the way most people walk it. If you prefer to walk anti-clockwise, then there is a Digital PDF Anti-clockwise Edition below.

The book contains all the information needed to plan and walk the route, including a village guide, maps and route descriptions. Each printed guide includes a full set of maps in PDF format, so they can be reproduced in full size for easier reading on the path.


Printed Guide Book for UK customers (inc. UK Postage) £10
Printed Guide Book for European customers (inc. Air Mail Postage) £15
Printed Guide Book for Rest of the World customers (inc. Air Mail Postage) £17

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Digital Guide Book

The digital version is identical in content to the printed guide, only it comes in PDF format, which can then be printed out at home if desired.

Section One is a detailed planning guide, helping you to make all the decisions about where to stay, where to eat, when to walk and so on.

Section Two is the walk description; a turn by turn guide to walking the route; every gate, every stile, every change of direction is detailed in this section of the guide.

Section Three is a series of hand-drawn maps at a scale detailed enough to use as you walk along the route.

Purchase the Digital PDF Guide: £6

Note: Due to recent changes in EU tax legislation, Digital Guides are only available to purchasers with a UK billing address.

Look Inside

Short extracts of the book are available to give you an idea of what to expect. Click one of the links below to download a PDF extract of the route description and/or the maps.

Route Description extract

Map extract

Anti-Clockwise Walkers

The vast majority of Herriot Way walkers complete the route in the traditional clockwise direction. Unfortunately, for the few that want to walk anti-clockwise, there is no printed version of the guide book. Instead a specially written Digital Edition of the guide is provided in PDF format. This describes the walk in similar detail to the clockwise version, but from the anti-clockwise perspective. All the maps are also modified to guide anti-clockwise walkers along the route.

The digital version comes with instructions on how to produce a functional printed guide on your home printer. Or you can read the guide directly off a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Purchase the Anti-clockwise PDF Guide: £6

Note: Due to recent changes in EU tax legislation, Digital Guides are only available to purchasers with a UK billing address.

Note on Copyright and Usage

The Digital Edition (PDF) of the guide book is provided solely for the personal use of the original purchaser. If you wish to print multiple copies for walking companions, please contact me and I am happy to discuss a small reprint fee. Neither the Paperback guide book nor the Digital Edition are licensed for commercial use. Please respect the author’s rights with respect to additional copies.