Walking the Herriot Way (Personalised Bundle)

Printed Guide Bundle 3rd Edition



This is a Herriot Way guide book bundle. This item includes a regular printed copy of Walking the Herriot Way, along with a personalised edition, featuring your chosen image on the front cover. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

The books both have 126 pages, weigh approx. 120g and are each 18cm high and 11cm wide, perfect for fitting into a jacket pocket, or the side pocket of a pair of trousers. The contents of both books are identical and describe the walk in a clockwise direction, as this is the way most people walk it. If you prefer to walk anti-clockwise, then there is a Digital PDF Edition of the guide book, see the list of related products.

The book contains all the information needed to plan and walk the route, including a village guide, maps and route descriptions. Each printed guide includes a full set of maps in PDF format, so they can be reproduced in full size for easier reading on the path.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

126 (each)


18cm high x 11cm wide (each)


Approx. 120g (each)


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